Alaskan Holiday by Debbie Macomber (Blog Tour)

The Quarryman's Wife by Elizabeth Gill

Before beginning her new job as sous chef at one of Seattle’s finest restaurants, Josie Stewart takes on a six-month position cooking at a lodge in an Alaskan lake town. It’s only temporary–or so she thinks, as she becomes a valued part of the local community, falling in love with the people who call the Klutina Lake home.

But one man, in particular, stands out among the rest of Josie’s new friends: an intriguing swordsmith whose very existence forces her to question whether her heart wants to return to Washington at all.

Review: I would firstly like to thank arrow publishing and Rachel Kennedy for asking me to review this amazing book and to be apart of the blog tour. I felt very honoured to be able to read and review a book by Debbie Macomber who is a very author of mine.

Alaskan Holiday is perfect for a cosy Christmas read. I enjoyed this read. Debbie has again created some strong characters and a delightful setting. Once I started reading it was very hard to put down. Pure escapism and beautifully written.

Our main character is on a six month holiday before her new job begins but her holiday may change her future especially on meeting a swordsmith. Josie takes the people of Klutina Lake very much to heart and her future is very much changed.

A delight to read and cannot wait for more from Debbie Macomber.

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A Village Affair by Julie Houston 9Blog Tour)

Her Mother's Secret by Rosanna Ley (11)

Cassie Beresford has recently landed her dream job as deputy head at her local, idyllic village primary school, Little Acorns. So, the last thing she needs is her husband of twenty years being ‘outed’ at a village charity auction – he has been having an affair with one of her closest friends.

As if that weren’t enough to cope with, Cassie suddenly finds herself catapulted into the head teacher position, and at the forefront of a fight to ward off developers determined to concrete over the beautiful landscape.

But through it all, the irresistible joy of her pupils, the reality of keeping her teenage children on the straight and narrow, her irrepressible family and friends, and the possibility of new love, mean what could have been the worst year ever, actually might be the best yet…

Review: Be warned once you start reading this book you will not want to stop.

I would lie to thank Julie Houston for approaching me to review her book as she wanted to appear on my blog and thanks to Aria for arranging the blog tour.

A Village Affair is a truly funny and engaging read. Julie’s writing is lovely. A a reader you really fell apart of the action and can connect with the characters and plot. We follow Cassie who after finding out about her two timing husband and best friend finds herself a new romance. Intermingled with all this the funny going on of village life. Anyone who has lived in a village, as I have, will totally relate to this read.

I loved it and will be looking out for more by Julie as this was my first book I have read by her.


Christmas with the East End Angels by Rosie Hendry (Blog Tour)

Her Mother's Secret by Rosanna Ley (8)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and the East End Angels are working hard to keep Londoners safe.

Frankie is trying hard to keep everything together. She can count on the support of the East End Angels, even in the face of family trouble.

Winnie’s beloved husband, Mac, is putting himself at risk every day in the bomb disposal unit and she’s finding it hard while he’s away.

Bella is growing in confidence and happiness. Her friendship with Winnie’s brother, James, is getting closer all the time.

Christmas on the Home Front is a hard time with loved ones far away – but the women of the Auxiliary Ambulance service are making do and mending.

Review: I would like to thank Sphere and Rachel for asking me to review and be apart of this blog tour.

I have a real thing for historical fiction right now and this is just perfect. Readers who like Elaine Everest and Kate Thompson will love the East End Angels saga.

Christmas with the East End Angels is set in 1941 and we follow three friends who all work for the Auxiliary Ambulance service, a dangerous job during the war. Frankie, Winnie and Bella all have their own heartaches to bare but they are always thinking of others, as is the moto when living in the east end during war-time, and they manage to keep a smile on their faces while they go about their duties. I particular enjoy reading about this period in history where people pull together to overcome troubles.

This is a heartwarming, beautiful written, historical saga. It is the third in the saga but can be read as a standalone as I did. However, I will be going out to buy the others as I loved it so much.


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A Christmas Gift by Sue Moorcroft (Blog Tour)

Her Mother's Secret by Rosanna Ley (9)

One Christmas can change everything…

Georgine loves Christmas. The festive season always brings the little village of Middledip to life. But since her ex-boyfriend walked out, leaving her with crippling debts, Georgine’s struggled to make ends meet.

To keep her mind off her worries, she throws herself into organising the Christmas show at the local school. And when handsome Joe Blackthorn becomes her assistant, Georgine’s grateful for the help. But there’s something about Joe she can’t quite put her finger on. Could there be more to him than meets the eye?

Georgine’s past is going to catch up with her in ways she never expected. But can the help of friends new and old make this a Christmas to remember after all?

Review: I would like to thank Avon for asking me to review and be apart of the blog tour for A Christmas Gift.

Christmas is really not Christmas without a story by Sue Moorcroft! Sue has a beautifully way with words that create fictional places you want to visit again and again and characters that become best friends.

I fell hopelessly in love with our hero Joe. Handsome and generous and with many talents can there really be anything bad about him?

Within the back drop of Middledip I found myself in the mids of a festive show, teenage hormones and a romance waiting to be played out, however there is history that threaten to ruin a perfect Christmas. A Christmas Gift is everything you want for a cosy read beside the fire.

I loved this read it really is one not to be missed this Christmas.


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The Soldier’s Girl by Sharon Maas (Blog Tour)

Her Mother's Secret by Rosanna Ley (7)

France 1944 and the streets are filled with swastikas. The story of a brave English girl behind enemy lines, a German soldier, and a terrible sacrifice … 

When young English nurse Sibyl Lake is recruited as a spy to support the French resistance, she doesn’t realise the ultimate price she will end up paying. She arrives in Colmar, a French town surrounded by vineyards and swarming with German soldiers, but her fear is dampened by the joy of being reunited with her childhood sweetheart Jacques. 

Sibyl’s arrival has not gone unnoticed by Commander Wolfgang von Haagan and she realises that letting him get closer is her best chance of learning enemy secrets. Yet despite her best intentions, Sibyl soon finds that betrayal does not come easy to her.

When Jacques finds that Sibyl is involved with the enemy, he is determined to prove himself to her with one last act of heroism. An act that will put all of their lives in terrible danger…

Review: This book is a master piece.

I would like to firstly thank Bookouture and Noelle for letting me review and be apart of the blog tour for this incredible book.

The first thing that captured by attention was the cover with its title and captions and after reading the blurb I just knew I had to find out more. Sharon Maas has written a beautifully detailed story set in WW2 which is just perfect to read as we remember the fallen in November.

We follow Sibyl growing up and as we get to know her character we discover learn about a new area of the war. We also discover how our feelings and emotions are tested and affect people during war-time and when in grave danger.

Such a lovely story. Perfect for fans of historical fiction and romance.

The Solider's Girl - Blog Tour

Winter Without You by Beth Good (Blog Tour)

Her Mother's Secret by Rosanna Ley (6)

After the tragic death of her boyfriend, Hannah Clitheroe is hiding away from the world. But when she discovers she’s inherited a house in Cornwall, she knows it’s time to face reality.

Her estranged grandmother lived in Kernow House for years, but Hannah soon realises someone else thinks it’s rightfully theirs: Raphael Tregar, a difficult man who quickly gets under her skin.

But as winter sets in, there’s one more thing that keeps her up at night, and the rising fear that she may not find her true home in Cornwall after all…

Review: I would like to thank Quercus for asking me to review and be apart of the blog tour for this book.

Winter Without You is a lovely tale about love lost and hope. As Hannah moves to Cornwall in Winter she discovers a Grandma she didn’t know she had and learns to live again. A new romance develops as the story develops. Handsome and broody Raphael is the romantic hero in this read.

Beth has created some very memorable characters such as Lizzie who when she first appeared literally made me jump and I felt a little scared but she is so funny. Such great writing here.

A perfect read for winter nights, if you want a quality romance with a differences this is it.


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It started with Christmas by Jenny Hale (Blog Tour)

The Summer Theatre by the Sea by T (5)

A beautiful, feel-good Christmas story. You’ll laugh, cry, and fall in love with this wonderfully warm and MAGICAL festive romance…

Holly McAdams loves spending the Christmas holidays at her family’s cozy cabin, with its little red door and twinkling lights, tucked in the snowy hills outside Nashville. But this year will be different. Someone unexpected is joining them…

After Holly and her beloved Nana struggle through a snow storm to reach the cabin, they discover gorgeous and wealthy Joseph Barnes, who has been renting the cabin for the last few weeks, is now snowed in. And it looks like he’ll be staying for the holidays.

Determined to make the best of the surprise situation, Holly tries to bring everyone together by baking delicious treats and decorating the cabin with plenty of festive sparkle. She finds herself growing close to handsome Joseph, who is unlike anyone she’s ever met before, even if Nana isn’t so keen on the dashing stranger with the mysterious past.

But charming and irresistible musician Rhett Burton is also back in town. Thrown into close proximity with the person who used to be her best friend and the man who broke her heart, Holly realizes it’s time to face her feelings and figure out what she really wants from her life. But to complicate things, both Joseph and Rhett have secrets to reveal…

Will Holly be able to find herself and the love she’s always dreamed of this Christmas?

Review: It started with Christmas is one of those novels that you just have to read when the weather is cold outside and you are wrapped up in a blanket all cosy by the fire.

I would like to thank Bookouture and Noelle for arranging the blog tour and letting me review this wonderful book.

Holly loves a cosy Christmas with her family in their cabin all decked out in its festive splendour. However, this year is going to be very different with the absence of her beloved Grandpa and the sudden appearance of a handsome Joseph.

I adored this read, for me it sums up what Christmas is all about. Love and family with a sprinkle of magic. A beautiful setting, snowed in in a log cabin at Christmas is my kind of dream. A perfectly written Christmas romance.

Christmas is not right without a Jenny Hale book.

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