Book Review – The Story Of Us by Dani Atkins


Book Title: The Story Of Us

Author: Dani Atkins

Pages: 391

Blurb: Emma Marshall can’t wait to marry her childhood sweetheart, Richard. But then a tragic accident changes everything – and introduces a stranger, Jack, into her life.

Gorgeous and mysterious, Jack is like no-one Emma has met before. But Richard is the man she loves…

Review: I saw this book in Tesco and it was the cover that spoke to me first. It is just so romantic. Once I had read the blurb I needed to find out how Emma’s story would end. This book is about friendship, love and family.

I have not read any of Dani Atkin’s books before but she will now be featuring on my favourite authors page as she is truly amazing with words. This is her second novel with a third on its way. I will defiantly be finding and reading her first novel Fractured.

The character, Emma, I truly believe is a real person, a good sign of a well written book. Her life springs up from the pages and you want her destiny to be a happy one. There are two hero’s in Emma’s story Richard and Jack. The accident, which is one that you don’t expect, and made me cry, is how she meets Jack. From that moment I was rooting for him. However, as you get to know Richard more it became a struggle to know who I wanted to win Emma’s heart.

Dani keeps you in suspense right until the end, this is a real page turner and I just could not but it down.

If you love a good romance and a book that will literally not leave you hand then this is one for you.


Dani Atkins, her Facebook page.