Mary Fitzgerald

Mist by Mary Fitzgerald


Book Title: Mist

Author: Mary Fitzgerald

Pages: 412

Blurb: Lark has been wandering the country for many years, with no real place to call home.

Then she meets Matthew Williams, a Canadian who has inherited a run-down hill farm in North Wales. Young and enthusiastic, Matthew has no knowledge of farming and no experience of living in the countryside.

Entranced by the beauty and wildness of the place, Lark agrees to help, and together they throw themselves into getting the farm back onto it’s feet.

Until a terrible accident brings Matthew’s father over from Canada, and suddenly none of their lives will be the same.

Review: This is a love story. A love story about North Wales and a love story between two characters. Mary writes wonderful descriptions of Wales. In my mind she has created a magical, mysteries and misty place, with harsh seasons and a derelict farm house using words. Lost soles meet and connect in wales and re-write their happy endings and Mary creates a home for them all to do this in. The farm is a building that you also begin to love as danger begins to surround it. Mary has a great way of telling the story that has you praying and hoping great things will happen to all involved within the story, apart from one character who puts the farm in danger.

I hadn’t read any of Mary Fitzgerald’s books before, so it was a new author for me and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt immensely sad when the story finished and I had to close the book.

I will be on the look out for more of her books.

Link: Below is a link to this great book on Amazon.



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