Our Song by Dani Atkins


Book Title: Our Song

Author: Dani Atkins

Pages: 503

Blurb: He’s the love of her life. He’s your husband.

David has lived life to the full. He fell in love with Ally at university.

Ally walked away from David at the Snowflake Ball nine years ago and tried to forget. She is now married to Joe.

Charlotte fell in love with David at first sight. She has never forgotten Ally and suspects David feels the same.

Joe fixed Ally’s broken heart and built a family with her.

Four lives, interwoven in many more ways than they know.

Over the course of one night, everything will change.



This is a very special book to me, it is the first book that I got a review published in. This happened via Dani Atkins herself, who contacted some of her fans and sent them a copy of the book before publication, she then asked them to submit a few lines reviewing the book. Together with her publisher they would choose some to publish in the final print of the book.

Mine is right at the top! Just a few lines but I am published in a book with my name and I’m so happy. It’s such a reward for being a fan of Dani’s.

Here is my full review of the book.

This is an extraordinary story. Four people, four lives all linked together by the past and brought together in the present which changes their futures forever.

I loved all four characters, all different and so well written they become 4d. The whole book is like that, you really believe you are there with them, watching them act the story out right in front of you. It is a sign of brilliant writing and a great storyteller. All of Dani Atkin’s previous books have been just like that too.

The story follows these four characters in the present and their past, giving you the chance to gain a great understanding of their personal stories and how that will effect the present and future lives. It is a great romance, it will make you laugh in parts and cry in others. It keeps you guessing right up until the end so you have know idea how it will end. The two female characters both love the same man but in different times of their lives. All four of them are brought together by tragedy and however that one night plays out will change their lives and bring them together forever.

My favourite part is when Joe and Ally’s son comes to see Joe and (don’t read this part if you do not want a spoiler) when he says goodbye to his dad. It made me cry. It is such an emotional part of the story and pulls at your heart strings.

This is by far one of my most favourite stories that I have ever read. I am very much looking forward to the next of Dani Atkin’s books.

Link: Buy this book below

Also see my interview with Dani Atkins Here


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