Sarah Morgan Books



Over the last year Sarah Morgan has fast become one of my favourite authors. Her romance novels are brilliant. They have such strong characters that you fall in love with and can relate to.

She has several series as well as stand alone novels.

  • O’Neil Brothers
  1. Sleigh Bells in the Snow
  2. Suddenly last Summer
  3. Maybe this Christmas
  • Glenmore Island Doctors
  1. Summer Fling
  2. Summer Kisses
  • Puffin Island
  1. First Time in Forever
  2. Some Kind of Wonderful
  3. Christmas Ever After
  • From Manhattan With Love

0.5. Midnight at Tiffany’s

  1. Sleepless in Manhattan
  2. Sunset in Central Park
  3. Miracle on 5th Avenue
  4. New York Actually (coming soon)
  5. Holiday in the Hamptons (coming soon)
  6. Moonlight over Manhattan (coming soon)

I have read all the O’Neil Brothers. These are the first books I read and the ones that started my love for Sarah Morgan’s work.

The two stories based around Christmas are full of snow, Christmas sparkle, family and love. My dream way of spending Christmas. The story follows the O’Neil Brothers as they fall in love with the ladies in their lives. Book number two is in the summer and it is lovely to view the family and the setting in a different season.

Puffin Island series follows residents on Puffin Island with love and friendships. The From Manhattan with Love series follows a group of friends who all are looking for love. These I have all read and very much looking forward the books due out. I have recently started the Glenmore Island Doctors series.

Sarah Morgan has such a way with words. She grips you right from the start sucking you into the story. Several of her books I have read in one sitting and cant wait to here more from the characters who can pop up in other books from the series. These are books I would read again and again.

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Enjoy !