Christmas, Jenny Hale, Lily Graham, Rachel Joyce, Sarah Morgan, Trisha Ashley

Back to Christmas

I love Christmas it is one of my favourite times of year. During the lead up to Christmas and after I read Christmas Novels. It is the best way to get me in the mood.

One book I read every year is Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley.


   Here is a link to the interview I carried out with Trisha Ashley. You can also find a link to amazon where you can buy her books.


IMG_20170109_100852.jpg   Here are some of the books I read over this Christmas period. I also read loads of Sarah Morgan’s books.

A Snow Garden by Rachel Joyce is a book full of short stories which I have dipped in and out of. She writes with such detail that it is really easy to get lost in the short stories and really feel apart of them. This is one book that I will continue to dip in and out of.

Here is the blurb which is on the back of the book.

‘In the course of a fortnight at the end of a year: a women finds a cure for a broken heart where she least expects it; a husband and wife build their happy marriage; freak weather brings the airport to a standstill on Christmas Day; a young women will change her life by saying one word; a father foolishly promises his sons snow; the most famous young man in the world goes back to his childhood home; and a law-abiding old man discovers guerrilla gardening…’

I loved this book it felt so Christmassy with lots of snow and glittery decorations. It is well written and on I read in only two sittings. Its full of family and friends and really gets you in the mood for fun at Christmas.

A Cornish Christmas by Lily Graham was another new author I discovered over Christmas as was Jenny Hale. This is a magical tale of wisdom beyond the grave, helping everyone move on to enjoy the future. This I loved due to its magical aspect.

A Wonderful Life by Julia Williams is a story about a typical modern family at Christmas and how a year in their lives changes them and makes for a great Christmas the next year. It is funny and wonderfully written as are all of Julia’s books.

The Cosy Christmas Tea Shop is a squeal from The Cosy Tea Shop in the Castle. This was on book I was so excited to read I paid extra for deliver next day from amazon and needed in paperback as the covers are so lovely. It is a brilliant story with characters you fall in love with and a setting that you would love to visit and sit and have some lovely cake. See my next blog post for my reviews on these two books.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year and a great time for reading.



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