A Secret Garden by Katie Fforde

Title: A Secret Garden

Author: Katie Fforde

Pages: 375

Blurb: Lorna is a talented gardener and Philly is a plants women. Together they work in the grounds of a beautiful manor house in the Cotswolds.

They enjoy their jobs and are surrounded by family and friends.

But for them both, the door to true love remains resolutely closed.

So when Lorna is introduced to Jack at a dinner party and Lucien catches Philly’s eye at the Local farmers market, it seems that dreams really can came true and happy endings lie just around the corner.

Review: I have read many of Katie Fforde’s books and really enjoy her style of writing and her stories. The art work for her covers are always so pretty.

Without giving to much away, Lorna and Philly are real women who are just like us. The have passion for working in the garden and plants, something I can relate to. It’s lovely to hear about all their projects in the garden and see through their eyes the changes. On meeting the new men in their lives they have all the worries about relationships that everyone has at some point in their lives. Do they overcome these to get their happy ever afters? You will have to read the book and find out.

Love and friendship fills the pages of this book and you never know quite who will fall in love with who. After reading this book it gives you the feeling that anything is possible.


Katie Fforde’s books can be found on amazon.

Her website is http://www.katiefforde.com


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