Class Welcome to the Little School by the Sea by Jenny Colgan











Title: Class, Welcome to the Little School by the Sea

Author: Jenny Colgan writing as Jane Beaten

Pages: 262

Blurb: It’s gloriously sunny in Cornwall as the school year starts at the little boarding school by the sea.

Maggie, the newest teacher at Downey House, is determined to make her mark-but will it be at the expense of her relationship with safe, dependable Stan?

Simone, has won a scholarship and wants to make her parents proud. Forced to share a room with the glossy, pretty, clever girls of Downey House, she needs to find a friend-fast.

Fliss, is furious at being sent away from her home. As Simone tries desperately to fit in, Fliss tries desperately to get out.

Over the course of one year, friendships will bloom and lives will be changed for ever.

Review: This is a novel I have read about online. It stood out to me, as like Jenny herself writes, in a letter to her fans, that a book for adults written about a boarding school is very limited. I love Enid Blyton and this story reminds me of her books but more modern.

The story is told by different characters views points but is easy to follow and well written. Simone’s story really touched my heart and I was very happy with her ending as well as Fliss who changed towards the end. It is full of drama and it is exciting being apart of a school where staff and students are together day and night.

The good news is this book is part of a series and I cannot wait to get the next one to read, to find out what the characters are up to next and maybe meet some new ones too. I am looking forward to seeing how Maggie’s love life pans out and if the headmistress is able to resolve her issues. I will not be telling you what they are it will spoil it when you read this book.

A great book by Jenny Colgan and such a great idea.

Link: Find more out about Jenny Colgan at

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