Christine’s winning short story


Review:  Christine Emberson sent off a short story, the prize, to win a ford car and lunch with Carole Matthews. She won. I have read her story and it is really good.

I think writing a short story is harder than writing a novel sometimes. You have fewer words to write a story, that feels complete. Christine creates a wonderful tale around the car she won which, had to feature in the story.

A relationship is breaking down and one of them is moving out. The car becomes the feature in the story that may bring the couple back together. A wonderful idea for a stroy that features the car. It is so well written and I hope that Christine writes a novel, a dream that she mentioned when I met her. I really hope that one day she puts all her ideas that she has into a novel for me to read and review.

You can find out more about Christine in my other blogs.

She is also the inspiration behind Carole Matthews new book Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses.

Link: Here is were you find Christine’s story.

Here is Christine’s crafting blog.

Paper Hearts and Summer…



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