Pop Up Craft Spa Event

IMG-20170407-WA0014Wednesday 5th April, a lovely spring morning and the sun is shining. I find myself on my way to London to the first pop up Craft Spa event celebrating the publication of Carole Matthews book Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses. (My review will be published on the 8th) It is a wonderful story about love, hope and family.

On arriving we (my husband joined me for the day) were welcomed warmly by the publishing team working with Carole at Atom, Piatkus and Sphere. The team together with the venue team at the Ice Tank had created such a wonderful, beautiful and relaxing atmosphere with gorgeous handmade decorations, flowers and hearts of course to reflect the beautiful cover of the book. An area was set up as a craft station, another area were you could get your massages throughout the morning and an area where refreshments were set up. Wonderful baked cakes to celebrate the book launch and amazing juices to drink. IMG-20170407-WA0019Every area was dressed so amazingly to reflect the reason we were there.IMG-20170407-WA0001

As I stood there taking it all in, Carole Matthews herself comes across the room. introductions were made and a hug, taking a great interested in both of us. Carole was so friendly. Full of the joys of spring but who wouldn’t be with such a succesful book about to be released. However, Carole was just being herself. Taking the time to talk to everyone throughout the whole morning, joking and laughing making everyone feel at ease.

Our first craft session created by Christine Emberson (Christie in the book) was to decorate a card. The packs were designed by Christine and were inspired by the story. Christine was lovely, introducing herself and giving awaIMG-20170407-WA0010y all her craft secrets. It was such a pleasure to meet her and to be able to talk to her about her story. Once you read the book you will hear about some of it. Christine is one of those amazing strong women and is the perfect heroine for a book.

The second craft session was with Jane from tea and crafting, a wonderful place where you can have tea and craft. We created lovely hand printed bags, using
only hearts and kisses to print with. It was such fun as everyone had their own ideas and the session brought everyone together sharing resources and ideas. Just how crafting should be.

Throughout the morning everyone was able to have a lovely massage.
It was amazing. Crafting and spa treatments defiantly go together. (See my blog why craft spa?) The refreshments were so tasty. Beautifully decorated cakes, popcorn and fresh juices with the team from the Ice Tank coming round to top you up. Amazing service.IMG-20170407-WA0017IMG-20170407-WA0011IMG-20170407-WA0008

As our morning celebrating Carole Matthews book launch drew to a close, it was time for a QnA session with Carole and Christine.IMG-20170407-WA0005 They both explained about the time they met. Christine entered a short story competition ,won, a lovely ford car which her oldest son has today and lunch with Carole. Lunch turned into the whole day and the rest is history. Carole felt that Christine’s story just had to be told and I am so glad Christine agreed. Christine was kind enough to share some of her story with us and it was such a pleasure to also met her son Elliot (Finn in the book)

As if the day could not get any better we were given a copy of the book and were able to get it signed by Carole and Christine and I just had to ask Elliot to sign the book as well.

Links: Here you can buy Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses.

Here is Christine’s blog page.


Here is Jane’s website.




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