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ADHD and Me – Children’s Book


Title: ADHA and Me

Author: Chelsea Radojcic

Blurb: “My name is Malory, I’m 8 years old, and I have ADHD. ADHD is short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It can mean different things for different kids. My mom says that it’s part of what makes me special. She says that because of it, I am unique. Being unique means that you are one of a kind. That doesn’t mean that I’m alone though…”

Meet eight-year-old Malory. Malory has a learning disability, but she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying her life. Whenever she is feeling blue, her mother and father remind her of the list of those who love her. Ms. Julie, her art teacher, understands what it is like to be different. She was born Autistic. Ms.Julie encourages Malory to express herself through art.

Inspired by a true story, written by Chelsea Radojcic and illustrated by Leonie Cheetham. This heartwarming story inspires hope, and reminds us of the truth that we sometimes forget; our differences make us beautiful…


Review: This is a lovely children’s book and highly needed for children who have ADHD or Autism which is also mentioned in the book. It has great illustrations, colourful and bright. It is written from the view of a child and the author herself as ADHD.

I have a brother who has ADHD and is also Autistic and I have worked with many children who have special needs. A book like this is a very useful tool, not only for the children with the needs but for other children who can then gain an understanding of what the child with needs is going through. It would also help parents give an insight into what might being going on if their child has a need. Every child is different but I can really see this book helping lot’s of children and adults.

It gives hope to children and adults who have a special need that they are not alone and that they are unique they are just as special as everyone else.

This book can be read by parents and children, it is a great book to sit alongside a child to strike up conversation.

I highly recommend this book.





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