Shipyard Girls at War by Nancy Revell

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Pre-publication review:

Title: Shipyard Girls at War

Author: Nancy Revell

Blurb: 1941

It takes strength to work on the docks, but the war demands all hands on deck and the women are doing their best to fill the gap.

Rosie is flourishing in her role as head-welder while still keeping her double life a secret. But a dashing detective is forcing Rosie to choose between love and her duty.

Gloria is hiding her own little secret – one that if found out, could not only threaten her job, but her life.

And the shipyards are proving tougher than Polly ever imagined, while she waits for her man to return home safely.

Join the shipyard girls as they journey through the hardships of life, love and war.

Publisher: Arrow


Review:  This is a lovely story set in the era of the second world war. I really enjoy stories that are based around the war and I was not disappointed. Nancy has written an exciting novel about women standing strong and keeping the home front going while the men are at war.

I had not read the first book, however that didn’t matter, this can be read as a standalone book but I will defiantly be reading the first.

It is well written. Nancy creates strong characters that come alive as you read. I loved finding out about their individual journeys. Nancy writes about some serious issues but she writes it in such away that it is also filled with hope that things will get better.

If you love reading about strong women, love and family in time of war this is a book for you. I will defiantly be keeping an eye out for more from Nancy.



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