Perfect Strangers by Dani Atkins

51MtdHbGFNLTitle: Perfect Strangers

Author: Dani Atkins

Blurb: Hannah Truman is twenty-seven years old. She is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary memory. One thing she certainly can’t forget is her boyfriend William’s betrayal, which was why she fled to Canada to stay with her sister.

Now, on her way home to England, Hannah finds herself in a queue behind Logan Carter at the airport terminal. He’s checking into Business Class on her flight and although their paths keep crossing, fate prevents them meeting. An almost shared cup of coffee never takes place when Logan is suddenly called away.

But once in the air the unthinkable happens: the plane needs to make an emergency landing. Hannah is alone and terrified, until suddenly Logan slips into the seat beside her.

In the days that follow, Hannah and Logan must call upon all their resources to survive in the frozen landscape, growing ever closer as hopes of a rescue begin to fade…


Review:  This is another amazing story by Dani Atkins. I loved it.

Perfect strangers is about just that two people meeting and going through a traumatic event that brings them closer together.

It is beautifully written and although just a novella it still feels like a full length novel. While reading about the plane have to make an emergency landing brings about feelings of panic and worry for the characters. On finding out about Hannah and her history the thought of her coming to any harm is very sad. This is prove that Dani writes with passion. She knows her characters, they are like friends she is sharing with us.

If you are looking for something that is quick but still has depth, love and adventure then this is for you.





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