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I don’t Like Reading by Lissy Clark

cover111147-medium.pngPre-publication review:

Title: I Don’t Like Reading

Author: Lissy Clark/Lisabeth Emlyn Clark

Blurb: Meet Harry. Harry likes to play football, climb trees, and hang out with friends, but Harry doesn’t like reading. That is until his teacher explains that Harry has dyslexia, which makes things like reading and writing particularly hard for him – and with help from his mum, teacher and an educational psychologist, Harry learns specific strategies for reading with dyslexia.

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Review: This is a great book for children that suffer from dyslexia or for getting others to understand what it is like for people with dyslexia.

I really liked the use of images they explained exactly what the meaning of the words wanted to relay. Lissy Clark also used the words themselves to put across meaning and not only by what they said. She had them all over the page, small, big and colours over the time. These examples gives clear examples of what some people suffer when they have dyslexia.

I suffer from dyslexia myself and only started to receive help as an adult. There are many people out there that also suffer and have gone on to do great things. This is a great book to help children.




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