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Corfe Castle

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I am going to be going on tour, yep your heard that right Chellsandbooks is going on tour. I am so excited.

I wanted to explore books in a different way other than just reading and reviewing them. By going and visiting places that feature in the stories, contacting authors and writers from different countries and seeing how far and wide reading and books as an impact on readers.

My first stop is Dorset. This is to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the release of the first Famous Five book Five on a Treasure Island by Enid Blyton. I am a massive fan of Enid Blyton I loved her as a child and still love her now as an adult. I enjoy reading all her stories.

FamousFive-21My favourite has to be The Famous Five and the adventures of Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy the dog.

I love everything about The Famous Five stories, from the great friendship between the children, the settings in lovely parts of the British countryside, all the adventures they have catching the villains to the brilliantly British way that Enid Blyton writes.

All 21 of The Famous Five books are being re-released with new images to celebrate this great milestone. Here is what they will look like. the1

thWhat do you think?

The books have had many different covers over the years.




So, back to Dorset and the reason this is our first stop. Corfe Castle in Dorset is the inspiration behind Kirrin Castle featured in The Famous Five stories.

From these photos (took by myself) you can see why. When I visited it was such a lovely day. To be stood close to the castle I could just imagine Julian and Dick hiding behind a bush watching for men who were coming to steal treasure and George and Anne trapped in the dungeons and good old Timmy saving the day. I love old ruins to wonder about its history and who has been there before you is fascinating.

When visiting the Enid Blyton shop called Ginger Pop is like popping into a shop with the five children themselves it takes right back in time. They also sell ginger pop which is just what I needed after an explore round Corfe Castle.





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