Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal


Title: Sweet Valley Confidential

Author: Francine Pascal

Blurb: For a start, Elizabeth and Jessica have had a falling out of epic proportions, after Jessica committed the ultimate betrayal, and this time it looks like Elizabeth will never be able to forgive her.
Suddenly Sweet Valley isn’t big enough for the two of them, so Elizabeth has fled to New York to immerse herself in her lifelong dream of becoming a serious reporter, leaving a guilt-stricken Jessica contemplating the unthinkable: life without her sister.

Despite the distance between them, the sisters are never far from each other’s thoughts. Jessica longs for forgiveness, but Elizabeth can’t forget her twin’s duplicity. Uncharacteristically, she decides the only way to heal her broken heart is to get revenge. Always the ‘good’ twin, the one getting her headstrong sister out of trouble, Elizabeth is now about to turn the tables…

Review: This read was a trip down memory lane. As a teenager I loved reading the Sweet Valley Twin/High series.

When bringing back such well known and loved characters it is always a risk I think. Will we still recognise them? Will the style of story have changed and if so will it be just as good?

I did enjoyed this book. It was interesting seeing how the twins lives had played out. They had a fallen out, which often happened from time to time but this time Jessica had done something that Elizabeth just could not forgive. They have separate lives but Elizabeth wants revenge and it was great to see Elizabeth taking on a new role and instead of being the good twin turning into a bad one.

While I read I thought it could have been better than it was, however it was really good and I enjoyed it. I love to go back to something I enjoyed earlier in my life and to see what has happened to the characters. It must have been exciting Francine to go back and revisit Sweet Valley.








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