‘Give a Little Bit – Getting Down and Dirty for Charity’ by Caroline Roberts

‘Give a Little Bit – Getting Down and Dirty for Charity’ by Caroline Roberts.png

This is a great pleasure to have Caroline Roberts write a piece about her charity work and appear on my blog. I feel in love with Caroline Roberts stories when I read the Tea Shop in the Castle series. My Summer of Magic Moments is such a special book and such a pleasure to read.

In ‘My Summer of Magic Moments’ I feature a Pretty Muddy Race for Life. Claire, my main character, has recently got over breast cancer, and wants to give something back as well as take on a challenge and achieve something for herself.

Before Pretty MuddyA couple of years ago, I had great fun doing a Pretty Muddy event at Newcastle Racecourse with my daughter.  It was a real challenge with all sorts of obstacles. We raised money for such a good cause and we got extremely dirty – we are talking top-to-toe mud!We Did It - Pretty Muddy



I have also taken part in The Great North Run half marathon raising funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital (I had never run before I trained for that), and a 26 mile Moonwalk in Edinburgh. Both events were tough physically, and you really need make sure you put the training in beforehand.Ready for the Moonwalk


The feeling you get at these type of events is amazing. It can be humbling and is always inspiring. Many people are taking part in memory of or for someone going through a serious illness. It reminds you how lucky we are to be healthy and able to take part at all. There are all sorts of shapes, sizes and abilities there, and there’s a lovely sense of support and camaraderie. Just look at the chap who held up the other runner at the end of this year’s London Marathon to get him over the finish line. It is such a great way to raise funds for so many good causes.Moonwalk Edinburgh

I wanted my book to touch on that experience. Crossing the finish line of The Great North Run and the Moonwalk was such a relief when you are feeling totally exhausted, but you also have a huge sense of achievement – truly a Magic Moment.

Charity work is such a special thing to be part of and to raise money for an event that means so much to so many people.

Well done Caroline for completing these events such a great achievement.

A Magic Moment.png

My review is below just click on the link:

The Summer of Magic Moments by Caroline Roberts

Our Magic Moments

You can buy Caroline Roberts new book by clicking the link below.


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