The Bomb Girl’s Secrets by Daisy Styles

Reviews headingTitle: The Bomb Girl’s Secrets

Author: Daisy Styles

Blurb: When Kitty hears about women being requested for war work in munitions factories her heart skips a beat. She doesn’t want to leave Ireland, but the money is good. And money is what she really needs right now. At the Lancashire factory Kitty settles into the hard work with her new friends; the dazzling Gladys, nervous Violet and comforting Lily. Working hard in the day and dancing by night, on the surface, life looks good. But Kitty has a secret. Something she needs to figure out. And it looks like she is going to need the help of her new friends before it’s too late. . .

Publisher: Penguin UK

Review: Wow! I loved this book. I really enjoy reading books that are set in the years of the war. It makes a nice change from more modern romances.

I was having a browse in my local library and found this book. I hadn’t read a book by Daisy Styles and what I read from the blurb, it was just what I was looking for. I sat and started reading straight away in a quiet corner of the library.

Daisy has created strong characters that are warm, loving and perfect for the era the story is set in. WWW 2 is a topic in history that I love learning about and hearing all the courageous stories about real people living in that time. This story is fiction as many that I read are but they are all based on what happened in that time.

I loved reading about the swing band and how it brought everyone together. Each of the girls has a special story and all have secrets that bring some real tense moments to the plot. Along with these tense moments and the sad news from Germany there are some really lovely moments with friends and romance for the Bomb Girls. I am not giving anything away about these girls secrets or if the get happy endings this is a book that just has to be read.




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