Books V Films

Books V Films

Book to Film.pngI had to do a blog on this topic as it is a fascinating one and one that will forever be debated.

I am a book lover and enjoy watching films however, first off I am a book lover.

I love to get immersed in the words. Picture the characters and settings in  my mind as I read. I love to dream.

I also enjoy watching a film and seeing on-screen, worlds and characters come to life.

These are both very different. In my dream world I can create the setting and imagine the characters in a way I think the author has portrayed them. With a film that has already been done for me. One that I can imagine is very important for an author of a book to have written for fans.

The five books, which are displayed in the image above, I have read the books and watched the films and I have different opinions on whether I prefer the book or the film.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes:

I loved this book and read it very quickly. When I heard there was to be a film I was excited to see it. I thought this would make a great film and would be good to see it come to live. I was not disappointed I loved it and both my husband and I cried such an emotional film.

Film VS Book = Both

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn:

This is quite a hard-hitting book and one that took me a little while to read but I did like it. Every now and again I will dip into this genre of book. With this I read the book first before watching the film. I brought the film thinking it would be good to see it in real life form. It isn’t a favourite film of mine but it was good. Ben Affleck played his character very well. It helped me to understand the book more by watching the film.

Film VS Book = Book

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory:

I love the Tudor era. It is one which I would loved to have been born into or be able to go back in time to see. I read this book first although like many I knew how the story would end. When I watched the film I was a little disappointed although I enjoyed it. I think it is because I have watched the TV series The Tudors which is so amazing and by far my favourite TV series alongside Lost of course. I think when you have something that is so good in that particular era it will put anything else to shame.

Film VS Book = Book

The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger:

I enjoyed this book and the film. I read the book first and remembered getting confused in places what with all the time traveller you have to keep your wits about you. The film helped me to follow the story line. It was also a really good film and I preferred the film to the book.

Film VS Book = Film

The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks:

I loved both the film and book. The book went into more depth into the feelings and emotions of the characters, where as the film showed these and the actors did a very good job with the book there was more detail to the settings. I find with some films there is a time limit and you can’t put as much into a film as you can a book.

Film VS Book = Both

For me:

Films VS Books

     3                4

What do you think? Comment below I would love to hear your views on this topic?







1 thought on “Books V Films”

  1. The only one where I’ve both read the book and watched the film is Me Before You. I loved that book so much I didn’t really like the thought of a film. I wobbled when I saw the casting (Sam Clafin) and then started hearing all of the good reviews, caved and went to see it. I’m so glad I did as despite my expectations I loved it. Totally agree that it’s as good as the book.

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