Along Came a Spider by James Patterson

Reviews headingTitle: Along Came a Spider

Author: James Patterson

Blurb: The international bestseller introducing Detective Alex Cross

Two children have been kidnapped from an elite private school in Washington DC, and Alex Cross is charged with finding them.

The kidnapper is their maths teacher, a man named Gary Soneji. As Cross gets pulled deeper into the strange world of the kidnapper, it becomes clear he is not what he seems…

Publisher: Random House UK

Review: James Patterson is the most amazing crime/thriller writer. That is why he is one of the worlds best. I have many shelf’s full of his books and this is one of my favourites.

Alex Cross is a complicated character but is amazing at his job solving crime. He has a strong bond with his family which I love a hero to have.

The plot in this story is brilliant and the way that James writes is perfect. I like the short chapters which gives a new little details each time and the simple way that James writes makes his books accessible to people who want to start reading. I find some crime books difficult to read or understand but with James Patterson’s books I can easily follow them and that is one of the reasons he is my favourite crime/thriller writer.

The world of a kidnapper is deeply explored and is fascinating to read about. James has an amazing talent and you really feel you are right inside the criminals head.

James Patterson’s work is truly magical.



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