Every Secret Little Thing by Rachel Crowther

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Pre-publication review

Title: Every Secret Thing

Author: Rachel Crowther

Blurb: 1995. Five friends, newly graduated, travel together to the Lake District, at the very beginning of the rest of their lives. Young, ambitious and full of life, they little imagine the events that will overtake them that fateful summer, tearing their fragile group apart.

Twenty years later, summoned by an eccentric bequest, they return to the same spot – knowing little of one another beyond their youthful memories and what can be gleaned from Google. It’s not long before old friendships – and old romances – are re-kindled.

But not long either before old rivalries re-emerge and old wounds are painfully re-opened. How long does it take for past sins to be forgiven? And can the love they crushed be regained?

Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre

Review: Every Secret thing is about friendship, mystery and love. It is set in the Lake District and involves five friends.

Rachel Crowther is a beautiful writer and writes in great depth. She is able to go deep into her characters thoughts, feelings and memories, showing great understanding. This in turn comes across as you read. Rachel has great passion for her story.

Unfortunately, this will be not one of my personal favourites, however it is by far not a bad book and this is not a bad review. Personal for me I didn’t connect with the characters on a personal level but that is nothing to do with the writing of this book but more about what I like personally and what the characters are like in the story.

This is defiantly a page turner and kept me hooked to find out the history of these characters.

Rachel Crowther is a beautiful writer and I would read other books written by her.



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