The Gorgotten Guide to Happiness by Sophie Jenkins (Blog Tour)

Faded Fall

You can lose your memory, but you never forget how to love…

Lana Green has a talent for pushing people away. As a writer, she’s perfectly happy to be left alone with her books. But when she meets Jack Buchanan and Nancy Ellis Hall, Lana’s solitary life will change for ever.

Nancy has dementia, and social services believe this makes her vulnerable. But Lana can see the funny, brilliant woman underneath the illness.

As Lana and Jack struggle to keep Nancy out of a care home, Lana starts to question everything she ever thought mattered.

Because what’s the point in stories, if there is no one to share them with?

Review: I would like to thank Avon for letting me review this book and for sending me a book in the post. This book first off looks amazing the cover is great and secondly sounds amazing from reading the blurb. It sounded very different to many books I have read recently and intrigued me.

Lana Green is a writer who has lost the man she loves but is reluctant to let go and move on. When she ends up in a situation where she has no choice but to move on she finds herself meeting a new man and taking on new challenges.

I really enjoyed this book and following the development of Lana’s life and her book. I particularly enjoyed reading about the writing elements of the story, a great touch to the story. Sophie Jenkins writes about a topic that can be quite worrying but in the story it is not seen as something to worry about. She makes you think of life in a different way as Lana finds out.

A brilliant read. One not to miss.




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