While I was Sleeping by Dani Atkins

The Memories of Us by (2)

 I don’t remember what happened or what has changed.

I can still hear your voices but you can’t seem to hear me.

I was about to be married and had everything to look forward to.

Now I have to find a way back – to you, to our family, to us.

Review: This is a touching and thought-provoking read. I absolutely loved it. Although, I think I would love anything Dani Atkins put her name to but seriously this is a brilliant read and one I just could not stop reading once I had started.

I am not going to write here anything about the characters or story line. The reason being is I do not want to give anything away. This is one of those books that has to be read, so you can appreciate every emotion that comes from the story.

It is an amazing plot idea and beautifully written in Dani’s wonderful style. Dani is able to capture the reader from the first sentence and keep them all the way through to the last sentence. Her writing makes you laugh and cry and has you right there feeling everything alongside the characters. After I stopped reading I had to take a moment and process it all. It was such an emotional read, full of hope, family, friendship and love.

Devoured in one sitting! Such amazing writing from Dani Atkins.

It is no wonder she won the award for The most Romantic Novel of the year 2018 for her book This Love.

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