Exciting news!


Hello everyone, it has been sometime since I posted anything and that is due to being pretty busy with a new project.

I have finally started writing a book. It is a dream of mine to have something published but I have never had the nerve to send anything off. Since starting this blog a few years ago I have gained so much confidence in my writing and have met and spoken to many authors, bloggers and publishers. I believe starting a blog is a great way to develop writing skills and it also shows commitment to publishers.

Writing is something I really enjoy and have done since a child. Life got busy as a teen and into adult life but writing was always there. Now however, I am letting it take centre stage more. I am very much in the beginning stages of the story at the moment but I can already feel the characters taking hold. I have no idea how this story will end as the characters really do have a mind of their own.


Christmas it seems is just around the corner. I have had several emails about Christmas blog tours and have many Christmas books lined up to review. It has seemed a little strange to read stories set at Christmas when Summer is still just holding on with its little finger tips but quite refreshing to. I am so excited to share my reviews with you very soon.

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A Family Recipe by Veronica Henry

Her Mother's Secret by Rosanna Ley (2).png

Laura Griffin is preparing for an empty nest. The thought of Number 11 Lark Hill falling silent – a home usually bustling with noise, people and the fragrant smells of something cooking on the Aga – seems impossible. Laura hopes it will mean more time for herself, and more time with her husband, Dom.

But when an exposed secret shakes their marriage, Laura suddenly feels as though her family is shrinking around her. Feeling lost, she turns to her greatest comfort: her grandmother’s recipe box, a treasured collection dating back to the Second World War. Everyone has always adored Laura’s jams and chutneys, piled their sandwiches high with her pickles . . . Inspired by a bit of the old Blitz spirit, Laura has an idea that gives her a fresh sense of purpose.

Full of fierce determination, Laura starts carving her own path. But even the bravest woman needs the people who love her. And now, they need her in return . . .

Review: I received an email asking if I would like to review this book and of course I said yes, as soon as the book landed on my door mat I started reading and didn’t stop until the last page had been turned.

Veronica Henry writes with such warmth. Even when writing an emotional scene you feel sad for the characters but know that same how it is all going to be all right.

What I liked best about this story is the way it tells us two of the characters stories across different generations. I like reading stories set in a war period but also more modern settings too and this had both. The way they interlinks and getting to know all the characters in great depth is refreshing.

I highly recommend this book.




The Cosy Seaside Chocolate Shop by Caroline Roberts

Forever at Conwenna Cove by Darcie Boleyn.png

Summer has arrived at the Cosy Chocolate Shop . . .

Emma’s beloved ‘Chocolate Shop by the Sea’ is thriving. It’s the cosiest seaside spot in the the pretty harbour town of Warkton-on-Sea and – as well as keeping her business afloat – Emma’s found a luscious romance along the way with the hunky Max. But now things seem to be taking a turn for the worse…

The pesky landlord is still on Emma’s back and she’s facing competition from the newly opened sweetshop in town. And when a face from the past turns up unannounced, Emma finds herself drowning in painful memories. With Max acting distant too, it’s all too easy for Emma to make some choices she’ll regret.

With her fragile heart still suffering from old scars, can Max forgive Emma? And, more importantly, can she forget?

Review: I feel so privileged to be able to read and review Caroline Roberts latest book. The Cosy Seaside Chocolate Shop follows from Christmas at the Chocolate Shop where I first fell in love with Emma and her dog.

Emma’s story continues with more problems arising for her chocolate shop and there is also trouble in paradise and alongside all this there is also a new rival in town. How can anyone stop visiting The Cosy Chocolate Shop by the Sea! Homemade chocolates in all manner of flavours.

Caroline Roberts has a lovely way with words.  Her writing style is easy to read but still conveys emotion. I love a story that flows. Her characters you cannot help but fall in love with and want to see their dreams come true. Caroline must have had so much fun researching this book trying all the different flavours and learning about making chocolate. If I could do my Hen do all over again I would book an evening at The Cosy Chocolate Shop by the Sea.

I really hope there is more to come from The Cosy Chocolate Shop by the Sea. Perhaps a wedding, but any book Caroline publishers will have a thumbs up from me. I adore her stories.