Annual Bloggers Bash 2019

Nominee: Best Book Blog

So I received an email to tell me that I had been nominated and let me tell you I never moved so quickly before. I hit print and ran into the next room to read the email aloud to my husband.

The Annual Bloggers Bash, which is now in its 5th year is an exciting event for all types of bloggers. There are many categories and I have been nominated for Best Book Blog! I am very excited and cannot quite believe it. I vote for my favourite each year and now I am apart of it. I have put a link below to their blog so you can read more.

Nominations are Now Open!

I started my blog as a way to share my thoughts on books in my favourite genres, romance, women’s fictions, historical saga and crime and thrillers but it turned into so much more. Connecting with a whole community of people who all love books and blog too. Being part of blog tours and getting exclusive access to books early is a real honour for all us book lovers and I am so grateful. I love chatting to publishers, authors and other book bloggers, some have even become friends. As a writer myself I hope to be published one day and therefore this is

Meeting and going to events is something I love doing but when I started my blog my anxiety was at an all time high and I was battling with depression. I was very nervous about going out and about and it has effected my whole life but through my love of books I have overcome so many issues I was dealing with and I went to book events and had so much fun, it has helped in other aspects of my life and today I am feeling amazing.

What happens next? A public vote will happen, it opens in April 10th 2019 until April 24th 2019. I will have all my fingers and toes crossed but I am just grateful to have been nominated. So thank you to who nominated me. I appreciate it anonymously.


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