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4784a05b645d7daf5535c56fb710ac70--hello-quotes-hello-helloWhats-New-279x300Hello Everyone

I haven’t posted this week and I wanted to let everyone know why.

I am now working much longer hours at work and as of yet I have not had the chance to type up some of my reviews and blogs. I am hoping to get enough typed each week to have some saved up so I will still be posting as often as before.

So bare with me.


I will also be creating a page and posting reviews for children’s books. This is the sector that I work in and so I have a first hand experience of what children think of a book.

I have also added book of the month which was posted last week. So look out for what will be top of the pile for July.

I will be in touch again soon.

Happy Reading.

Book of the Month

Book of the Month – June 2017

Book of the Month

Deciding my book of the month has been difficult as there have been so many that I have just loved reading. Here are a few that made my top 6. (not in any particular order)


Summer with the Country Village Vet by Zara Stoneley is my Book of the Month for June 2017.

Summer with the Country Village Vet by Zara Stoneley

Reviews headingThis came out on top for me as I could really relate to the heroine and the story has really stayed with me. I have found myself comparing same books to this one. This is the first of Zara’s books I have read and it will not be the last. I really cant wait to get my hands on The Holiday Swap! I fell in love with Zara’s style of writing. I really felt like I was right there sharing in the adventure. It felt like home. An amazing read fall of friendship, love, hope, children and of course animals, oh and a very handsome vet. Really looking forward to the next in the series.



Kat French

The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach by Kat French

Reviews heading (5)

Pre-published review:

Title: The Bed and Breakfast on the Beach

Author: Kat French

Blurb: A gorgeous summer read to escape with this summer!

Three women throw caution to the wind and move from England to run a B&B on a Greek island.

They’ve all reached a point in their lives when they need a change – one divorced, one empty nester, one made redundant from the job she’s held since leaving school many moons ago.

The move tests their friendship to the limits, brings errant husbands running, and offers new opportunities for love. Each of the women go through their own metamorphosis, but will they choose to stay in Greece when the holiday season winds down?

Publisher: Avon Books UK

Review: Wow! I loved this! A fun escape to a Greek Island.

This is the first of Kat French’s books that I have read and I can’t believe I haven’t picked one of her books up by now. It was amazing.

Set on a Greek Island three beautiful ladies (and I mean beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside here) escape to the Island. All three are escaping for different reasons but all end up on the same wonderful adventure on this hot Greek Island. This book is not just hot due to its setting but the men in this book are also pretty special as are three leading ladies find out.

I feel in love with all three of our heroines. I could relate to each of them in different ways. There is something for everyone in each of them.

Kat French writes an amazingly funny tale and throughout there is some OMG moments alongside some incredible romantic moments. I feel like I started reading this book as a girl and finished as a women.

I loved this I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.






Rachel Crowther

Every Secret Little Thing by Rachel Crowther

Reviews heading.png

Pre-publication review

Title: Every Secret Thing

Author: Rachel Crowther

Blurb: 1995. Five friends, newly graduated, travel together to the Lake District, at the very beginning of the rest of their lives. Young, ambitious and full of life, they little imagine the events that will overtake them that fateful summer, tearing their fragile group apart.

Twenty years later, summoned by an eccentric bequest, they return to the same spot – knowing little of one another beyond their youthful memories and what can be gleaned from Google. It’s not long before old friendships – and old romances – are re-kindled.

But not long either before old rivalries re-emerge and old wounds are painfully re-opened. How long does it take for past sins to be forgiven? And can the love they crushed be regained?

Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre

Review: Every Secret thing is about friendship, mystery and love. It is set in the Lake District and involves five friends.

Rachel Crowther is a beautiful writer and writes in great depth. She is able to go deep into her characters thoughts, feelings and memories, showing great understanding. This in turn comes across as you read. Rachel has great passion for her story.

Unfortunately, this will be not one of my personal favourites, however it is by far not a bad book and this is not a bad review. Personal for me I didn’t connect with the characters on a personal level but that is nothing to do with the writing of this book but more about what I like personally and what the characters are like in the story.

This is defiantly a page turner and kept me hooked to find out the history of these characters.

Rachel Crowther is a beautiful writer and I would read other books written by her.


Fern Britton

The Postcard by Fern Britton

Reviews heading

Pre-publication review/Blog Tour

Title: The Postcard

Author: Fern Britton

Blurb: Secrets. Sisters. The summer that changed everything . . .

Life in the Cornish village of Pendruggan isn’t always picture perfect. Penny Leighton has never told anyone why she’s estranged from her mother and sister. For years she’s kept her family secrets locked away in her heart, but they’ve been quietly eating away at her. When an unwelcome visitor blows in, Penny is brought face to face with the past. And a postcard, tucked away in a long-hidden case, holds the truth that could change everything.

Young Ella has come back to the place where she spent a happy childhood with her grandmother. Now she’s here to search for everything missing in her life. Taken under Penny’s broken wing for the summer, the safe haven of Pendruggan feels like the place for a fresh start. Soon, however, Ella starts to wonder if perhaps her real legacy doesn’t lie in the past at all.

Escape to Cornwall this summer with Sunday Times bestseller, Fern Britton.

Publisher: HarperCollins

Review: Fern Britton has done it again. The Postcard is perfect and highlights important difficulties in such a lovely way.

As we follow Penny’s journey through this story we discover that she is suffering from depression, I wont give away too much details here to the plot but what I will say is that Fern writes in her unique style that makes reading about this topic comforting giving hope. I suffer from depression and this was a comfort to read. I would normal stop reading anything that hints at something I find difficult but this was an exception.

Cornwall is one of my top favourite places to visit and Fern has captured the essence of Cornwall between the pages perfectly.

The story is left in such a way that I am looking forward to Fern’s next book which I hope revisits Pendruggan and more of Ella’s story.

I adore Fern Britton and her personality shines through her writing. Her books are perfect for anyone who loves reading about romance, hope, family and friendship’s set in idyllic parts of Britain.





James Patterson, Uncategorized

Along Came a Spider by James Patterson

Reviews headingTitle: Along Came a Spider

Author: James Patterson

Blurb: The international bestseller introducing Detective Alex Cross

Two children have been kidnapped from an elite private school in Washington DC, and Alex Cross is charged with finding them.

The kidnapper is their maths teacher, a man named Gary Soneji. As Cross gets pulled deeper into the strange world of the kidnapper, it becomes clear he is not what he seems…

Publisher: Random House UK

Review: James Patterson is the most amazing crime/thriller writer. That is why he is one of the worlds best. I have many shelf’s full of his books and this is one of my favourites.

Alex Cross is a complicated character but is amazing at his job solving crime. He has a strong bond with his family which I love a hero to have.

The plot in this story is brilliant and the way that James writes is perfect. I like the short chapters which gives a new little details each time and the simple way that James writes makes his books accessible to people who want to start reading. I find some crime books difficult to read or understand but with James Patterson’s books I can easily follow them and that is one of the reasons he is my favourite crime/thriller writer.

The world of a kidnapper is deeply explored and is fascinating to read about. James has an amazing talent and you really feel you are right inside the criminals head.

James Patterson’s work is truly magical.


Books V Films

Books V Films

Book to Film.pngI had to do a blog on this topic as it is a fascinating one and one that will forever be debated.

I am a book lover and enjoy watching films however, first off I am a book lover.

I love to get immersed in the words. Picture the characters and settings in  my mind as I read. I love to dream.

I also enjoy watching a film and seeing on-screen, worlds and characters come to life.

These are both very different. In my dream world I can create the setting and imagine the characters in a way I think the author has portrayed them. With a film that has already been done for me. One that I can imagine is very important for an author of a book to have written for fans.

The five books, which are displayed in the image above, I have read the books and watched the films and I have different opinions on whether I prefer the book or the film.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes:

I loved this book and read it very quickly. When I heard there was to be a film I was excited to see it. I thought this would make a great film and would be good to see it come to live. I was not disappointed I loved it and both my husband and I cried such an emotional film.

Film VS Book = Both

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn:

This is quite a hard-hitting book and one that took me a little while to read but I did like it. Every now and again I will dip into this genre of book. With this I read the book first before watching the film. I brought the film thinking it would be good to see it in real life form. It isn’t a favourite film of mine but it was good. Ben Affleck played his character very well. It helped me to understand the book more by watching the film.

Film VS Book = Book

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory:

I love the Tudor era. It is one which I would loved to have been born into or be able to go back in time to see. I read this book first although like many I knew how the story would end. When I watched the film I was a little disappointed although I enjoyed it. I think it is because I have watched the TV series The Tudors which is so amazing and by far my favourite TV series alongside Lost of course. I think when you have something that is so good in that particular era it will put anything else to shame.

Film VS Book = Book

The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger:

I enjoyed this book and the film. I read the book first and remembered getting confused in places what with all the time traveller you have to keep your wits about you. The film helped me to follow the story line. It was also a really good film and I preferred the film to the book.

Film VS Book = Film

The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks:

I loved both the film and book. The book went into more depth into the feelings and emotions of the characters, where as the film showed these and the actors did a very good job with the book there was more detail to the settings. I find with some films there is a time limit and you can’t put as much into a film as you can a book.

Film VS Book = Both

For me:

Films VS Books

     3                4

What do you think? Comment below I would love to hear your views on this topic?






Sarah Morgan

Holiday in The Hamptons by Sarah Morgan

sarahTitle: Holiday in the Hamptons

Author: Sarah Morgan

Blurb: The perfect summer escape…?

Professional dog-walker Felicity Knight loves everything about New York…until her ex-husband starts working at her local vet clinic. She hasn’t seen Seth Carlyle in ten years, but one glimpse of him – too gorgeous, and still too good for her – and Fliss’s heart hurts like their whirlwind marriage ended yesterday. So when her grandmother in The Hamptons needs help for the summer, it seems the perfect way to escape her past…

Their relationship might only have lasted a few scorching months, but vet Seth knows Fliss – if she’s run away to The Hamptons, it’s because she still feels their connection and it terrifies her. He let her go once before, when he didn’t know any better, but not this summer! With the help of his adorable dog Lulu, and a sprinkling of beachside magic, Seth is determined to make Fliss see that he’s never stopped loving her…

Publisher: HQ

Review: Sarah Morgan has done it again. I adore her stories and this new series is no exception. I loved it.

Will Fliss have a perfect escape this summer? I defiantly found a perfect summer escape with this book. I fell in love all over again with Sarah Morgan’s fantastic warm writing that completely draws you in to her world. Her series are full of knowledge of all the characters which is such a great skill as characters are referenced across her books.

This story follows Fliss and her ex-husband Seth as they re-connect with each other and both realise that the love they once shared had never gone away. There story is full of assumptions that had been made coursing the relationship to break down. They also went through some personal traumatic events (which I will not give away here) that also adds to their story.  As the characters learn that communicating is also an important fact to a relationship rather than just the physical side their relationship develops in a new and stronger way. I enjoyed hearing how others actions have effected how Fliss has carried out her life shutting people out to protect herself.

Sarah Morgan has created a romantic, rich story that is a book I will read again and again along with her other books,

Sarah Morgan’s books are a delight to read. The next one can not come soon enough.



Lucy Dillon

The Secret of Happy Ever After by Lucy Dillon

Reviews heading (5).pngTitle: The Secret of Happy Ever After

Author: Lucy Dillon

Blurb: When story-lover Anna takes over Longhampton’s bookshop, it’s her dream come true. And not just because it gets her away from her three rowdy stepchildren and their hyperactive Dalmatian.

Unpacking boxes filled with childhood classics, Anna can’t shake the feeling that maybe her own fairytale ending isn’t all that she’d hoped for. But, as the stories of love, adventure, secret gardens, lost dogs, wicked witches and giant peaches breathe new life into the neglected shop, Anna and her customers get swept up in the magic too.

Even Anna’s best friend Michelle – who categorically doesn’t believe in true love and handsome princes – isn’t immune.

But when secrets from Michelle’s own childhood come back to haunt her, and disaster threatens Anna’s home, will the wisdom and charm of the stories in the bookshop help the two friends – and those they love – find their own happy ever afters?

Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Review: This book I read some while ago and it was the first of Lucy Dillon’s books I had read. What appealed to me first was the title and the cover which is just beautiful, so dreamy and romantic.

I was not disappointed once I started reading, it is a truly lovely story. Everyday family issues are part of Anna and Michelle’s journey through this story. This with the dreams that come with being a lover of every thing book related, which every book lover can relate to, makes a great story to read. I could not put it down.

I would love to own a bookshop. A little one in the countryside in a village surrounded by fields onside and the sea the other. I love all stories based in a book store so if you know any please comment below and if I haven’t read them already I will defiantly be seeking them out.

I recommend this book fall of fairy tales, dreams hope, family, romance and friendship.