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A perfect escape to Italy! I loved it.


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A flower shop is the perfect setting for a love story to unfold. I got lost in the beautiful armour of a love story between our main characters. I story I differently won’t forget-me-not.

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I enjoyed following the library van to the edge of the world in this lovely tale. I perfect book to settle down with while on holiday.

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A lovely tale set back in time. Life is harsh for Clara but when a chance of being saved comes will she oose her dreams. I love stories like this. Dilly Court is amazing with words taking her reader straight into the heart of the action.


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A typical British summer includes rain. Wash away the grey skies with this brilliant summer read which will brighten your day. Such re-freshen read.

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Loose yourself in the sun soaked hills of France. I did, laughing out loud at moments and completely falling for all the characters.  A dream book.

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I found myself lost in the countryside with the beautiful read from Lottie Phillips. Tranquil the setting may be but the story follows our heroine discovering that moving may not be relaxing as she first thought. I loved it.

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A romance series and this is the second in it and I found it delightful. Fans of romance will love this sweet story.


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Sometimes life needs a trip into the past to fins new beginnings. This is a beautifully written book full of hope, love and family. Will the trip down memory lane help this family. I adored it and cant wait to read a book by Emma again.

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The Stolen Marriage is well written and has Diane’s knowledge running through the pages. I enjoyed it although it was tough going in places.

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Create a new beginning with Sarah Bennett. I found a whole new setting to get lost in Butterfly Cove. Beautiful in everyway.

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Escape with Natalie Kleinman in this charming book set in the Cotswolds. Full of real characters making the best of their lives. I loved escaping in Natalie’s world.

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Ready for surprises, this romance set by the sea in a delightful BnB is full of them. A delight.

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Get lost in Willoughby Close. Secrets threaten our main characters can they move forward and find happiness. I enjoyed this read.

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Take a trip back in time. A story full of strong family ties and friendships.


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Want a summer free of drama? Well this comes with a warning it is full of drama for our heroine. Couldn’t put this one down.

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So wonderful to return to such loved characters.

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A Cornish Café series which is set in a beautiful part of the world is full of charm and wholesome real characters. A delight to read.

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I laughed out loud throughout this whole book. Jenny Colgan is the Queen of laughs.

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A story that will fill your heart. I loved it.

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A pure delight, a series that is pure indulgence. I adore the Wedding Shop stories.

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A surprising hit. Full of fun and down to earth characters.

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Everyone has something they want to escape from and this is a perfect book to do it with. Join the brilliant characters and relax and mend your heart.



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A brilliantly told story with an adrenaline rush which will leave you feeling all in a rush!

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This is a brilliant book and I really enjoyed reading it.
What I like about Jenny Hale is the way she uses words to really capture a setting and make the reader fall into the story. The characters that she creates are truly magical. I have read her Christmas books and had to read one of her books set in the summer.

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